This teeth whitening method 1 is chosen if the client's teeth are without extensive dental work within their smile zone.  It is performed by simply filling a bleaching tray with gel, sliding it into your client’s mouth, shining the LED light onto the client’s smile zone and programming the LED light.  Method 1 will increase the whiteness of the client’s teeth 3 to 7 tooth color shades.

The kit of Method 1 contains:


  • 1 - 10 ml Tooth Whitening gel
  • 2 - Trays
  • 1 - Cotton buds
  • 1 - Napkin for the neck
  • 1 - Colour shade guide
  • 1 - Instructions for use

Please note: only available to Tooth Fairy™ members, if you haven't purchased your Tooth Whitening Starter Set yet click here.


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