Tooth Fairy™ Tooth Crystal Starter Kits contain only the highest quality crystals. The crystals are made by Swarovski, the world leader in crystal production. 


 Tooth Fairy™ provides you with the best quality crystals to offer your clients, as they must withstand the scratching effect of regular tooth brushing.  The crystal placement is temporary and will last anywhere between one month to a year or longer depending on hygiene and lifestyle.   Tooth Fairy™  also carries CROWN GLUE for those with crown and veneers. 


We offer  3 different Tooth Crystal Starter Kits to find the best solution for your business. The larger the Kit you choose the more product and profit is available to you.   You won't find lower prices for this quality anywhere else!  With the Tooth Fairy™ application technique you only need 3 to 5 minutes to apply the jewellery, so watch your profits rise once you have your own Starter Kit.